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Location:NSW, Australia
Looking back, I always wrote fanfic; I just didn’t know that’s what it was. The first story I recall writing at seven was a Captain Scarlet-Doctor Who crossover. In my teens I wrote supernatural AU RPS about my pop idols – a band of brothers – and my later characters evolved from them. But in college I was cowed by the great authors I read. I gave up writing, for decades. My stories stayed in my head where I watched them play out like movies and they never saw the light of day. I learned a lot, though, about genre, narrative, POV, and about Epic Romance. But TV dramas were my first love and I studied what I watched. Those I loved most - Doctor Who, LOTR, Xena, BTVS, Harry Potter – had common themes: they were about heroes and the supernatural, they were mythic and epic, funny and self mocking, but also dramatic and angsty . . . and sometimes they were a bit gay.

In 2011, as the HP franchise neared its end and I wondered what I’d do with myself after, I hired a Supernatural DVD. How had I missed this show before? It had everything: the supernatural (of course), humour, epic mythic drama, and . . . brothers. It was like I’d come full circle (as epic romances do) and my first SPN fanfic came out like a punch. I’d found my muses, and now I had to write, even if no one else ever saw my efforts. But then a friend suggested I post it online, and I finally discovered the world of fandom writing! So much talent out there! So many wonderful writers and stories! I learned so much from them.

It’s been a journey of discovery and I’m thrilled with the enthusiasm and support I get from readers. I can’t express what that means to me. I’ve met wonderful, interesting people and made new friends in the process. And I have SPN to thank for all this, especially Kripke and other members of his creative team who’ve been my inspiration. As for the other shows, movies, authors, (pop stars), I've admired . . . well, they're in the mix, too :)

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Warning Policy

My fiction frequently contains adult material intended for readers aged 18 and over. Incidents of violence are rarely worse than the show but Supernatural is, in its origins, a horror story and inherently unsafe. There are explicit sex scenes which are rarely particularly dark or shocking by the standards of this fandom. I try to warn for obvious things but I'm no expert so, if you have specific warning needs, feel free to contact me and ask. I'm sentimental and favour happy endings but do not guarantee them.

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